KC HELP activity in Kitsap County has exceeded our initial expectations when we began our work here in 2019. Our performance metrics over the past 3 years provide insight on how valuable this resource is to our community.  Over the course of 2022, as a custodian of community resources entrusted to us, KC HELP returned over $670,000 in DME value to our community.  Since 2019, we have returned over $1.2 million in equipment costs to the community.

The value was determined by approximate used prices.

KC HELP assisted nearly 1,200 of our neighbors in 2022, which was nearly double the number we helped in 2021, which was again, nearly double of 2020:

KC HELP provided over 2,000 individual pieces of DME to those 1,200 people in 2022. Again, that was nearly double the number of equipment items provided in 2021

KC HELP clientele encompasses the entirety of Kitsap County and, in some cases well beyond. We have reached people as far north as Marysville, Port Angeles to the west, Seattle to the east, and Vancouver, WA to the south. We expect our new presence in Bremerton at St. Vincent de Paul to expand our reach further into Gig Harbor, Belfair, and Shelton while we expect significant growth in Central and South Kitsap.